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We provide comprehensive business protection and operational guidance that help medical practices thrive. Learn why over 1,100 New Jersey physicians and practice administrators joined Conventus.
“The main reason I originally switched to Conventus in 2008 was physician ownership. Knowing that Conventus was physician owned, and that the Board of Governors is also made up of physicians, was very important to me. Since then, there have been a lot of things that have reinforced my decision, but one that is fresh in my mind is a recent claim. As soon as I was notified and reached out to Conventus, the support and knowledge they displayed were truly refreshing. The quality of the attorneys, and their openness to questions, gave me tremendous peace of mind. Being reimbursed for lost revenue while in court was also extremely important.

For me, the most important factors at renewal time are price, coverage, and the reputation and philosophy of your insurance provider. The greatest benefit of Conventus membership is that you are never alone. Conventus’ support and service don’t just live up to their advertising, they exceed it.”


Dr. Russell Gura (Bergen County)

“I chose Conventus because of their responsiveness and comprehensive plan with regard to risk mitigation. Conventus puts the interest of physicians first and foremost. It’s nice to have an expert available to point out areas of risk and mitigate problems before they begin. This helps us focus on better quality care for patients.”


Robert Zubowski, M.D. (Bergen County)

“I would strongly recommend Conventus to other practices and other physicians because of the support that they have given us in the transition to electronic health records, as well as many other support services they have provided. We feel that they’re a part of our team.”


Ms. Liz J. Newman, Business Manager (Somerset County)

“It’s really reassuring and helpful to know that you have somebody there 24 hours a day that you can reach out to. It’s proactive risk management at its best. Physicians have input at all levels of the company, and so the company is very responsive. I’ve never seen a malpractice company go to the lengths that it does to serve physicians. Its claims record is unsurpassed.”


Russell L. Harrell, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. (Ocean County)

“I’m part-owner. I own a stake in the company. I have a lot invested in its success. I feel like I’m part of it – which the company is on my side – as opposed to a lot of other companies, who seem to be in it for the money.”


Scott Lippe, M.D. (Bergen County)

“As a physician-owned company, our interest is only in the liability coverage of our physicians. We enjoy full governance: the ability to make decisions and live by them. We’re driven to create a good company that our physicians can rely upon day in and day out, to give good service, and to always be there when they need us.”


Albert Talone, D.O. (Burlington County)

“Every good attribute of a physician-owned and -managed liability company was in place, implemented, and working. Conventus is owned by the people who depend on it for liability coverage. You owe it to yourself to request a quote.”


Robert B. Hill, M.D., FACS (Camden County)

“Conventus made my decision of whom to trust with my malpractice insurance an easy one. They spent significant time with me to assure that I understood the company and to answer all of my questions promptly. They also provided a personalized, comprehensive presentation of how joining Conventus would benefit me. I would definitely recommend Conventus.”


Lisa Barisciano, M.D. (Morris County)