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Malpractice Insurance: Do I Need a Claims-Made or Occurrence Type Policy?
Malpractice claims are a bitter pill to swallow, jeopardizing the financial health of a practice and the reputation of a physician.  When deciding which medical professional liability insurance policy to choose, it’s important to evaluate the coverage provided and costs of each type.  Learn the differences between two of these policy types, claims made and “occurrence type” modified claims made.
Physician Assistants (PA) Practice Modernization Act
A new law, effective August 1, 2016, will revise requirements for licensure and create a physician-delegated scope of practice for physician assistants (PAs) in New Jersey.  Marking a new era for PAs in the state, Governor Christie signed S1184 (PA Practice Modernization Act) into law on January 19, 2016.  
Breaking News: CMS Proposes Reducing 2016 EHR Reporting Period to 90 Days
A new proposal from CMS increases flexibility for medical practices to successfully meet 2016 Meaningful Use (MU) requirements. On Wednesday, July 6, 2016, CMS proposed streamlining electronic health record (EHR) reporting requirements by reducing the reporting period from a 365-day period to a 90-day period.
7 Habits of Highly Effective Independent Medical Practices (and How Yours Can Be One of Them)
As healthcare continues to evolve, succeeding as a private medical practice becomes more difficult.  Conventus healthcare experts share seven habits they’ve identified within highly effective independent medical practices, as well as tips for adopting each habit into your own practice.
Social Media Resources for Physicians and Practice Administrators
How is social media impacting your medical practice? You may think it doesn’t affect you professionally, but think again. Even if you’re not using social media, your patients are already there! Are your patients asking to be your Facebook friend? Do you “tweet” messages to patients via your smartphone?  
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